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OBX Inshore / Nearshore Fishing Guide

Updated: Mar 21

What fish are "in season"?

​Speckled Trout

May - Dec.

Speckled Trout can be caught all year and average 15 - 25 in length, and 2 - 4 pounds. They can grow as large as 40 inches and 12 pounds. Great fun on light tackle.

Gray Trout

Oct. - Feb.

Grow to 36 inches but most catches are 12 - 16, fun on light tackle.

​Red Drum

Mar. - Oct.

Good fighters that have endurance and power. Reaching 40 plus pounds is not uncommon. (NC State Fish)


​Jun. - Sep.

Aggressive predators that are caught in the ocean and in the sounds. Fun to hook and excellent eating.


May - Oct.

Very strong fighters if they have any size. Sometimes difficult to hook because of the very subtle bite.Also known as convict fish because of their black and white stripes.

Black Drum

​Mar. - May / Sep. - Dec.

Very strong and good fighters. A lot of fun to catch, can get up to 100 pounds.


May - Oct.

Flat football like body, leathery skin, 2 to 8 pounds but for their size they are very hard fighters and excellent eating.

Blue Fish

​Mar. - Nov.

Hard strikes and can be a challenge to land after they are hooked. They can grow to be 19 pounds and 34 inches in length, fun to catch.

Spanish Mackerel

May - Sep.

Can grow to 37 inches and 12 pounds. More common catches between 2-5 pounds. fun to catch and good to eat.

King Mackerel

Apr. - Jun. / Sep. - Dec.

Average 15 to 30 pounds, 40 to 70 is not uncommon, very fast and aggressive.

​False Albacore

Apr. - Dec.

Sight fishing to schools, good fighters, tuna family.


May - Sep.

​Average 36 inches, long and thin with huge teeth. Fun to catch, edible when prepared properly.


Apr. - Oct.

​A.k.a. Reef Donkeys because of their strength and stubbornness. They are powerful fighters and can grown to be over 100 lbs.

Mahi Mahi

Apr. - Nov.

Can be caught on light tackle. Targeted on weed lines, around floating debris, current edges, and tide lines. Fun to catch and excellent to eat.

Striped Bass

Apr. - Oct.

Targeted when the weather starts to cool down. At 2 to 3 years old they are 20-25 inches. Older adults can get 50-60 pounds


​May - Aug.

​A lot of fun to catch and search for (sight fishing). Excellent eating fish that put up a good fight. Can grow up to 100 pounds.


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